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Lemonopoulos Dvorak Humoresque, which no???
Hello All,

Just bought a zouk a year ago and finding my way around.
On YouTube there is a video of Lemonopoulos playing Dvorak, but which no is it?

Update: This is the video (Brahms and Dvorak) with title Harry Lemonopoulos Plays on Bouzouki Brahms & Dvorak (Hungarian raphsody No 5 & Humoresques)

I was listening to all version but can not figure it out which one Xaris played.
I also compared the sheet music at but leave me clueless.
Anyone know more?
I would like to know which Humoresque version is played by Xaris.

Update: It seems to be the same as this one: ΧΑΣΑΠΙΚΟ ΑΛΛΕΓΚΡΟ


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